Residential Lighting

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If you are looking to improve the way a room in your home looks, one great way to do so is by installing new lighting fixtures. At Kent’s Electrical Services, our team of experienced electricians can install new lights in a way that makes them look great while functioning perfectly. We have all of the tools we need to finish your job correctly and on time. Contact us today to discuss your lighting needs!


We have experience installing many different kinds of lights, including:

  • Sconces

  • Chandeliers

  • Fluorescent Lights

  • Pendant Lights

  • Light and Fan Combos

  • And Much More!

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Residential Lighting

Whether you purchased your fixtures at a lighting store or you would like to see the options we have available, our electricians have the skills, training, and experience to make your new lights shine! If you are planning a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom remodel, our electricians can help you make sure that you have adequate lighting that makes the space feel the way you want. Contact us today to discuss your lighting needs, as well as any other electrical needs you have.

Our team has years of experience in both commercial and residential electrical services, so you can count on our expertise when you need to make your home or business light up.

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