Every home has a service panel that distributes electricity to switches, outlets, and appliances. The service panel is usually found in the basement, garage, or utility area.

An electrical service panel is the main distribution center of your house's electricity.

Electrical panels are boxes that house circuit breakers or fuses, which are safety devices that stop the electrical current if it exceeds the safe level for some portion of the home’s electrical system.

There are many reasons for upgrading your main electrical service and panel.

Older main service panels often have limitations on available space, so there is no room to add additional circuits. Or they may still have fuses. Some old panels have had circuits added,but are maxed out with no ability to grow to meet the needs of the home.

Many old panels are of inferior quality, and they simply stop working and need to be replaced. An electric service upgrade is often recommended or required in order to increase the capacity of the existing electrical service.

Company name is an expert in upgrading or installing new Electrical Panel.

Our Services Include:

* Service Upgrades

* Meter Base Repairs

* Meter Base Replacements

* Service Mast Repairs

* Replace Weather Head

* New Grounding Systems

* Whole House Surge Protection Devices

* Label Household Circuits on Existing Panels

* Sub Panels

We are fully licensed and we offer:

* 24 Hour Emergency Service

* Free Estimates & Warranty

* Job Clean-up

* Satisfaction Guarantee

* Quality Workmanship

* Up Front Pricing

* Free Home Inspection

* Friendly, Courteous and Dependable Service

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