Does your circuit breaker blow whenever you switch on your oven or air conditioner? Do you have enough dedicated circuits for your electrical needs? Do you even know how many electrical circuits are in your house?

If you don't have the appropriate dedicated circuit, an appliance may draw more current than the circuit can handle.

According to the safety regulations set forth by the National Electrical Code (NEC), each fixed appliance should have its own dedicated circuit.

A dedicated circuit is meant to provide power to one specific appliance. The number of dedicated electrical circuits required will vary from one house to the next.

If your house has fewer dedicated circuits than it needs, this can cause your wiring to overheat and the insulation around the wire to breakdown or melt. Once the insulating barrier around the wire has melted, the current is no longer safe and can ignite flammable materials within the wall, leading to an electrical fire.

An overloaded circuit can be a danger that will continually trip circuit breakers or blow fuses, and may eventually cause the house to burn down if not resolved early enough.

Many home appliances and machines in your kitchen, laundry room, home gym, and garage require individual circuits.

The following appliances should have dedicated circuits:

* Air conditioner

* Clothes dryer

* Clothes washer

* Dishwasher

* Electric car

* Electric stove

* Electric water heater

* Freezer (chest and upright)

* Garbage disposal unit

* Heat pump

* Hot tub

* Refrigerator

* Sauna

* Sump pump device … and many more electrical appliances

What happens if you don’t have enough circuits to accommodate all of them?

The good news is that there’s no need to worry if you contact Company name in time. A licensed and experienced electrician can install any number of new circuits for you.

Many older homes have not been fitted with the proper type of circuits for the kind of modern electrical appliances that are currently being sold.

If you are concerned that your older home might not feature the right kind of electrical circuits to accommodate the type of power needed by newer appliances, just call us. We will analyze your needs and let you know whether or not you need to add some more circuits to keep your family safe.

A new appliance can be a great addition to your home, adding more comfort and convenience. But what should you do if there is no hookup or plug available for that appliance? Or maybe there is a plug, but not enough power.

For this situation, you need a new circuit. Installing a new circuit is a complex task and should only be performed by a licensed, skilled electrician like us.

We are fully licensed and we offer:

* 24 Hour Emergency Service

* Free Estimates & Warranty

* Job Clean-up

* Satisfaction Guarantee

* Quality Workmanship

* Up Front Pricing

* Free Home Inspection

* Friendly, Courteous and Dependable Service

Repairing or replacing your appliance circuits will help you avoid unnecessary downtime, and is more economical than replacing your existing appliance.

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